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Hoist Mi5 Functional Trainer

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The HOIST® Mi5 Functional Trainer is HOIST’s most compact, space efficient functional trainer to-date. With patented technology, the Mi5 features two cable arms with two planes of movement. A unique three-point cable adjustment system allows for more than 1,000 cable adjustment variations. Both arms can move vertically through 22 different height adjustments. Additionally, each arm can move independently through 7 positions and 160 degrees accommodating users of all heights and size. The Mi5 also features a built-in tablet and accessory holder, water bottle holder and weight lock for suspension exercises..

Hoist Mi5 Specs:

Compact, sleek, single column design

Counterbalanced carriage system for easy one-handed adjustments

Two adjustable pulley arms with 7 horizontal angle adjustments ranging from 80 degrees above and 80 degrees below flat horizontal

22 pulley adjustment positions at 2 inch increments

Highest pulley position at 77.5”

Quick Release one-handed accessory connectors

Weight stack locks allow cables to be used for body weight exercises (max user weight is 250 lbs. for suspension training)

Integrated bottle holder and accessory rack offer convenient storage

Integrated tablet/mobile device holder

4:1 Split Weight Cabling™ for increased cable travel (160” with strap handles)

Footrests to stabilize when performing seated and standing exercises

Comes with two (2) four Square-Ring Adjustable Strap Handles

UNIT WEIGHT: 442 lb.
UNIT DIMENSIONS: L = 50.99" W = 52.61" H = 83.49"