What is the repair cost and the fried mouse..

Every day we get a call that goes something like this:
“can you tell me how much it would cost to get my machine fixed?”

If we had the powers of foresight to know over the phone what exactly the problem is, what caused it, and what it would cost to repair, we probably would use those powers for more world pressing issues instead of fixing exercise equipment.

Unfortunately there is no simple answer. Although there are some common problems, most issues tend to be unique.

Take a look at the picture below. Without an onsite diagnosis, how are we to guess the cause of this customer’s dead treadmill is a fried control board? Not only that, the short also damaged the electronics in the console.
Fried Mouse

Total repair for this specific treadmill was over $700.   The cause was a mouse – a fried mouse now.

In short, there is no way to know what the repair cost will be without a proper diagnosis.  Most problems are caused by lack of maintenance. In fact, half the time we can fix the issue on the first call during the diagnosis, without needing any parts.