The Sitting Disease

The sitting disease has so many negative effects that it has been called the new smoking.  Why? because of cell atrophy (decrease in cell size).   Atrophy is a form of cell adaptation in response to decreased trophic influences, decreased functional demands and decreased nutrition.

If enough cells in an organ atrophy, then the organ will decrease in size and eventually shut down.  Primary tissues and organs susceptible to atrophy are skeletal and cardiac muscles  (pretty much all the muscles in your body), secondary are your sex organs and your brain!

In short,  if you don’t use it, you loose it.. sort of..

Below is an infographic on the effects of sitting and sedentary lifestyle in the U.S.   If you think you have the sitting disease, believe it or not it is very simple to cure yourself – just move more.

Easiest way is to walk more.  For every hour of sitting just get up and walk for a couple of minutes and stretch.   If you want to be more proactive, then add a 15-minute walk to your lunch time.   Better yet, start a fitness program.

Sitting Disease

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 A note to women:   the sitting decease effects you 50% more than your male counterpart under same circumstances.